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Music, dancing, and country roasted chestnuts.

10/08/2023 14:00

Pro Loco GS

Event, Chestnut Festival, Country, Villa De Strens, Gazzada Schianno,

Music, dancing, and country roasted chestnuts.

The Chestnut Country event at Villa De Strens in Gazzada was a must-attend event not only for the good music and engaging dances, but also for the atmosph


The Castagnata Country at Villa De Strens in Gazzada was an event not to be missed, not only for the good music and engaging dances, but also for the festive atmosphere that was felt.

The location, surrounded by the greenery and tranquility of the Varese countryside, as always, offered a perfect setting for a day full of fun. The positive energy of the organizers and participants created an atmosphere of harmony and sharing that made us feel like a big family.


The music of Dj Simona Viganò and the guided dances by Gabriele Toraldo were the pulsating heart of the Country Chestnut Festival. The DJ managed to engage us with her music selection, from classic country music to the latest hits.

Gabriele, on the other hand, guided us with passion through the various dances, explaining the steps and inviting us to follow her cheerfully. The result was a set of synchronized movements that made everyone present's heart beat. 

Thanks to all the participants for creating such a positive atmosphere and for giving us the opportunity to experience a unique day!
See you at the next “Chestnut Festival”. Will it be Country? You will find out soon!

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